Specially Designed Fasteners for Tamper Resistance

Hafren Security Fasteners

UK Fasteners are pleased to announce a partnership with Hafren Security Fasteners, a leading global supplier of security fasteners and fixings. This partnership enhances UK Fasteners' commitment to servicing the requirements of the tamper-resistant fastener market, and to be able to offer our customers the very best in terms of quality, design, technology, service and individuality.

What are Security and Tamper-Resistant Fasteners?

These are special headed screws, nuts and bolts which are either permanently fixed, or which can only be removed using a matching driver tool

Why are they needed?

Security fasteners have three principal applications:

  • Security - The need to safeguard against theft and vandalism is increasingly an essential part of many design specifications.
  • Safety - Security fasteners help to deal with stringent Health & Safety laws, and keep the public safe.
  • Aesthetics - Security fasteners are not only secure and vandal-resistant, but aesthetically pleasing to the eye, complementing their surrounding environment.


The images below represent an overview of the different types of security fasteners we are able to offer.

For full details on the range, please download the product handbook.

Shear Nuts
Shear Bolts
Security Anchors
2 Hole Security Fasteners
Clutch Head
Pin Hex
Kinmar Permanent
Kinmar Removable
Power 6
Barrel Nuts
Armour Ring
Scroll Nut
Torx Plus
6 Lobe Pin
Don't risk it, secure it!