About Us

Established in 1983, UK Fasteners was originally set up to supply a range of general fasteners and special turned parts to a wide range of industries - from shower manufacturers to furniture makers - that we still do successfully to this day.

Around 20 years ago the company saw the opportunity to supply a range of screws and fixings to the PVCu window, door & conservatory market and since then this has become a core product contributing a significant percentage of our overall sales. So successful is the WindowMASTER® range, UK Fasteners has built an enviable reputation for quality products and excellent service that we believe today is second to none.

In March 2006, the then owner of UK Fasteners decided to sell the business and the company was purchased by Till & Whitehead Ltd, a long-established company based in Bolton, who have supplied architectural ironmongery, tools, clothing and chemicals throughout the country for over 100 years. UK Fasteners and its products were seen as the ideal accompaniment to their existing company portfolio.

We are keen to continue our growth and diversity into new industries so there has been significant investment into our latest addition to the UK Fasteners product range, PlasMASTER. This range of specially designed screws for use in thermo plastics will offer a cost effective and realistic alternative to the market leading products.

Conforming to Appropriate British Standards

UK Fasteners quality management systems don’t just conform to internationally recognised standards, they exceed them. We also have longstanding relationships with most of the country’s major profile houses and hardware manufacturers and suppliers, which means you are always assured of a fastener that is right for the job and meets the highest standards.

UK Fasteners meet all the following standards – your assurance of independently validated performance and quality.

BS 7412: 2002

Corrosion Resistance. We confirm that UK Fasteners WindowMASTER® products meet the requirements of BS 7412:2002. All product types have been salt spray tested (SST) by a UKAS registered laboratory and we carry certification to this effect.

BS EN ISO 9001: 2008

Quality and Traceability. UK Fasteners have attained certification for this operating standard. Not only do we follow strict control standards during design and development, it also means that all fasteners are fully traceable at all times.

BS 7950: 1997

Security for Windows Previously known as PAS 011. This standard continues to be awarded after rigorous testing to windows using WindowMASTER® products. The standard covers enhanced security for windows when manufactured to BS 7412.

PAS 023/024

Security for Doors. To achieve this standard, correct screw specification and installation is vital as the door is tested to an extreme level. Doors fabricated with UK Fasteners screws have exceeded the requirements of PAS 023/024.