For PVCu and Timber Windows

Framevents for PVCu and Timber Windows

The UKF Framevent is ideal for both PVCu and timber window applications. Manufactured by RW Simon in the UK from the highest quality U.V. stabilised PVCu.

The style of this vent reflects the growing market trend towards softer lines. However it is also extremely durable, easy to fit and fully tested to the relevant British Standards.


For Aluminium Windows

Framevents for Aluminium Windows

The RW Simon LTD TTF Slimline window trickle ventilator is a through frame trickle ventilator that is a robust, yet stylish aluminium ventilator.

With its built in updraught and various operating modes the TTF Slimline is suitable for all types of windows.

Available in six standard sizes and four standard colours, the unit also has the added option to be coloured and sized to meet most bespoke requirements.


  • Available in 5000 mm2 and 2500mm2 equivalent area models for compliance with Approved Document F 2010
  • A robust, smooth, slim, elegant and rounded design
  • Snap-on quick fit end caps
  • Available in eight colours: Standard White, Bright White, Dark Brown, Tan, Green, Black, Anthracite and Cream
  • Two colours exclusively available to UK Fasteners: Chartwell Green and Irish Oak
  • (2500mm2) 400mm variant also available in dual colours: Standard or Brilliant White on Tan, Brown and Black
  • Integral flyscreen in external hood
  • Available with rod control
  • Suitable for PVCu, timber and aluminium windows
  • Tested in accordance with BS EN 1026:2000 & BS EN 1027:2000 weather performance
  • Sleeves available to ensure full compliance with BS 7412:2002
  • Independently acoustically tested in accordance with BS EN 20140-10:1992, ISO 140-10:1991

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