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  1. Our market-leading window screws. Renowned throughout the industry for their excellent quality, thanks to continued product development and our demand for uncompromising consistency.
  2. A specially designed thread form creates an instantly positive start on all our gimlet point screws and our self drilling ranges offer extremely rapid drilling performance in single chamber and multi chamber profile applications without breakage.
  3. Offers a "stick fit" recess to aid fabricators in difficult assembly applications, extend driver bit life and reduce the chance of damage to screw recess and plating.
  4. All our fabrication screws meet the industry recognised plating requirements of BS7412:2002.
WindowMASTER Catalogue

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UK Fasteners: Your Assurance of Quality, Service and Price

With over 30 years experience, successfully supplying the window, door and conservatory industry, UK Fasteners offers excellent products and a service that you can rely on.

WindowMASTER Fastener

Help & Advice

Getting precisely the right quality product for the job makes a big difference. Through our experienced and well-trained staff you can be assured of a correctly recommended fastener.

We offer the widest choice of window screw materials in the UK including carbon steel, austenitic stainless steel, MRX modified martensitic, austenitic bimetal and standard martensitic.

WindowMASTER Fasteners

Extensive Stocks, Clearly Labelled

Our products are clearly labelled and colour-coded to make on-site identification easy.

With extensive stock holding at our warehouse in Longborough a next day delivery service has become the standard. Our easy to use screw range guide will help you identify the fastener you require.

Material Types & Specification

Material Specifications
Carbon Steel ASTM C1022 which conforms to BS EN 10263 – 2 : 2001
Austenitic Stainless Steel Self-Drilling screws AISI 305 conforms to BS EN 10263 – 5 : 2001
PVC-u screws SUS 302HQ conforms to BS EN 10263 – 5 : 2001
Austenitic Stainless Steel Bi-Metal Screws Austenitic SUS 302 conforms to BS EN 10263 – 5 : 2001
Carbon steel ASTM C1035 conforms to BS EN 10263 – 2 : 2001
MRX Stainless Steel MRX modified and improved martensitic stainless steel
Martensitic 410 Stainless Steel Martensitic SUS410 to BS EN ISO 3506-1:2009

Screw Head Types

Our guide to selecting the correct fastener head type for your application.

Countersunk Head

Used in preformed countersunk recesses e.g. keeps and window hardware such as shootbolts, espagnollette rods and tilt and turn gear.

Gives a flush finish when inserted.

Ribbed Countersunk

Ideal for reinforcement retention.

Countersinks into PVC-U to sit flush.

Ribbed collar reduces profile deformation.

Shallow Pan Head

Ideal for securing friction stays.

Good clamping properties from the flat under-head.

Collar under the head gives positive screw location.

Full Pan

Used for midrail retention or straightforward reinforcing retention.

Shallow Flange

Ideal for securing friction stays.

1mm increase in head diameter over shallow pan allows for even greater clamping properties.

Collar under the head gives positive screw location.

Greater security with bigger diameter screw and head.


Used for fixing frame to frame, baypoles and sills.

Nipple Head

Drip rail screw.

The WindowMASTER® Catalogue

Browse the full range of WindowMASTER® products and find the exact fasteners you require in our product catalogue.

Each UKF product catalogue makes it simple to find the fastener you need for each individual application.

Each product is illustrated, with key specifications clearly displayed.

We make the ordering process simple with our "code builder", which combines key information from each fastener to create a unique product code for every fastener we stock.

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