Security & Tamper-Resistant Fasteners

Don't risk it - Secure it!

  1. Security fasteners feature special heads which are either permanently fixed, or can only be removed with a matching driver.
  2. They are an effective deterrent against crime, theft and vandalism, and can help reduce liability and insurance claims, lost revenue and loss of reputation.
  3. Increases safety and ensures compliance with stringent Health & Safety legislation.

Our Partnership with Hafren Security Fasteners

Bringing Customers Security Fasteners for Every Application

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UK Fasteners are pleased to announce a partnership with Hafren Security Fasteners, a leading global supplier of security fasteners and fixings. This partnership enhances UK Fasteners' commitment to servicing the requirements of the tamper-resistant fastener market, and to be able to offer our customers the very best in terms of quality, design, technology, service and individuality.

Screw Head Types

Our guide to selecting the correct fastener head type for your application.

Shear System

A high security permanent fastener
Shear Nut
Shear Nuts and Shear Bolts have a hexagon part which shears off at a predetermined torque. Installed using standard hex socket or spanner. Once installed, the Shear Nut leaves a tamper resistant cone.


Expanding fixings for heavy-duty security
Security Anchors save time and money when fixing applications that require a firm hold. They are suitable for fixing to a wide range of base materials such as brick, concrete, stone and masonry. Available in both permanent and removable options... for a hold that stays.


Popular aesthetically pleasing drive for any two-way application
Sometimes known as Snake Eye® or Pig Nose. Designed for low to medium torque applications. It has 2 holes drilled into the head which requires a unique 2-pin matching driver to install and remove it.

Clutch Head

The original one-way security drive
Clutch Head
The special ridged design of this drive means that it can only operate in a clockwise motion. Installed using standard slotted screwdriver - no specialist tools required.

Pin Hex

Heaxagon socket screws manufactured with an internal pin
Pin Hex
This drive prevents removal with standard hexagon tools. Suitable for medium torque applications and is one of the most difficult to remove without the matching driver.

Kinmar® Permanent

The ultimate high security patented on-way nut
Kinmar Permanent
This patented permanent nut requires a matching driver socket for installation giving you guaranteed torque levels and can be re-torqued if required. Not governed by a shear point and leaving no unplated surfaces, it leaves a clean smart finish.

Kinmar® Removable

The ultimate two-way patented security nut – extra resilient to attack
Kinmar Removable
This patented removable nut requires a matching driver socket for installation and removal. This cost effective nut has a smooth aesthetically pleasing design which makes it an extremely versatile nut.


A 2-part enclosure offering the highest security for any nut or bolt
This patented product doesn’t require any specialist tools; you simply hammer the cap into the base making access to the enclosed nut or bolt near impossible.

Power 6™

Thread forming screws with a 'unique' 6-Lobe Pin drive
Thread forming screws (sometimes known as ‘Self threading’). Features a tri-lobular thread body that has a triangular cross-section rather than a circular one. The tri-lobular thread eliminates the need for nuts and pre-tapped holes, reducing labour costs & installation time.


Unique one-way pozidrive security system
This drive system only operates in a clock-wise motion leaving a permanent finish. Ideal for easy and fast application using standard pozi screwdrivers.

Barrel Nut

Ensures maximum security when clamping two materials together
Barrel Nut
These Barrel Nuts (also known as Interscrews) are internally threaded parts that are ideal for clamping two pieces of material together when used with machine screws. Ideal for playground equipment, ironmongery and signage to name a few.


Ensures every customer has a unique 'one-of-a-kind' drive socket
As there are millions of variations to the Solok™ drive socket, your driver key will be specific to you, therefore enhancing the level of security. Every new user gets a Solok™ code to which their screws and tools are made, meaning even somebody else's Solok™ tools will not fit screws made to your code.

Armour Ring™

A simple conical collar which renders a standard hexagon nut or bolt tamper resistant
Armour Ring
The Armour Ring™ can be applied to any British or DIN standard hexagon nuts or bolts using a standard hammer or Armour Ring™ installation tool. It leaves a smooth clean finish which is often favoured by Health & Safety executives and isn't governed by a torque level like some one-way fasteners.

Scroll™ Nut

High security removable nut with a unique 'Scroll' drive
Scroll Nut
The rounded design of this nut gives no sharp angles to provide grip for normal hand tools. It can only be installed and removed using the matching Scroll™ driver socket. Patented Scroll™ design is interesting and pleasing to the eye.


Widely-used vandal deterrent fixing
Tri Head
This quick and easy to install security fastener is a favourite for applications in recess or channel due to its tall head design.


A hardened, unique shape makes this nut more resilient to attack
Tuf Nut
This quick and easy to install security fastener is a favourite for applications in recess or channel due to its tall head design.


A favourite for high torque applications
Successor to the Resistorx, the TORXPlus® has 5 lobes instead of 6, providing a higher level of security.

6-Lobe Pin

6-Lobe recess manufactured with an internal pin
6-Lobe Pin
Popular security drive for high torque applications. Quickly and easily installed and removed using matching tooling.

The Hafren Security Fastener Handbook

Download the handbook for full details on the range of security fasteners available