Konig Touch-Up & Repair Accessories

At UK Fasteners, we are proud to be an Authorised Stockist and Distributor for an extensive range of Konig products.

We supply high quality Konig items designed for repairs or touch ups. Our Konig Repair Kits come inside a plastic case and can be used in workshops, factories and on site at customers’ houses.

Touch Up Pens

Konig Touch Up Pens

Full Range of Colours Available

A highly pigmented, weather resistant, acrylic based paint touch-up pen, which is ideal for edges and mitre joints. Improved valve technology provides two styles of application.

  • Full range of colours available. Get the exact colour you want! Give our team the colour details and we will match it for you.
  • Bespoke colour match also available. We can have pens made for you, minimum order of only 5 pens!
  • A thinner style pen is also available for use on narrow mitres. Please ask us for details.
  • Spare tips are available to buy separately.

Dedicated Profile; Spray Paint

Konig Spray Paint
  • 400ml Spray Paint
  • For touch up and repair
  • Manufactured using high quality materials
  • Designed to carry out specific repairs
  • Short drying time
  • Foil Colours / Profile Whites /Lacquers
  • Adjust colour deviation on indoor and outdoor painted finishes
  • Bespoke colours available

Touch Up Paint Pots

Konig Touch-Up Pots
  • KO240 Touch Up Pots
  • A pigmented, weather resistant touch-up lacquer applied by brush
  • Can be coated with Konig Aerosols
  • Can be used as an alternative to colour edging pens when there is a larger area to cover
  • An extensive range of RAL/Foil & Profile matches available from stock for immediate delivery
  • Excellent wipe and water resistance

Repair Waxes

Konig Repair Waxes
  • KO141 Hard Wax
  • A hard and durable wax filler, designed for repairs to areas subject to severe use. Ideal for repairing edge damage as well as fill holes and scratches of more significant damage.
  • Applies using the range of battery, gas or electric heating irons.
  • An extensive range of RAL/Foil & Profile matches available from stock for immediate delivery

Repair Kits

Window Doctor Kit (K0614)

Konig Window Doctor Repair Kit

The "Window Doctor Kit" is designed for window installers and allows them to carry out simple on-site repairs to popular Renolit foils. Every window installer should have one!

Comes complete with:

  • K0438620 – Battery operated heating iron
  • K0161500 – Special applicator
  • K042210 – x2 cotton cloths – Size A5
  • 4cm Hard wax as below:
    • Dark Mahogany (K0141114); Darl Oak (K0141143); Black (K01419005); Golden Oak (K014149601); Irish Oak (K014196006); Profile White (K0141); Anthracite Grey (KO14178516)

Window Repair Complete Kit (K0670COMP)

Window Repair Complete Kit

The "Complete Window Repair Kit" is designed for window factories and service engineers allowing them to carry out cosmetic repairs reducing the need for expensive and time-consuming remakes.

This kit comes complete with:

  • Carry case & foam insert
  • Gas heating iron
  • Mixed window waxes
  • Special applicator
  • Special scraper
  • Felt pad with abrasive lining
  • Cotton cloths
  • Celluose thinners 150ml
  • Brass brush. Paint brush
  • Paint pallete
  • Mixing cups (Pack of 5)
  • Mixed touch up pots
  • Polishing paste (Bottle 250ml)
  • Maintenance lacquer 250ml
  • Maintenance sponge
  • Wet & Dry single sheets (P1200 grit)
  • Aerosol lacquer – Extrusion white

UPVC Window Customer Care Pack

UPVC Window Customer Care Pack

The Konig UPVC window customer care pack is designed to be used by the homeowner to easily and quickly remedy any accidental cosmetic damage such as scuffs or scratches that may occur to the frames during their lifetime. It contains a water based cleaning fluid and a colour matched touch up bottle along with easy to follow instructions that will disguise any unsightly accidental damage.

Available in all popular colours.

Customer own branding is available please ask for details.

Help & Advice

Get perfectly matched Pens, Spray paints and waxes for your profile.

Did you know RAL codes only give you a close match?

For the perfect match scan the QR code and use the Renolite foil codes of your profile.

Help is always on hand!

Please feel free to get in touch for help and advice

You may also find it useful to know that Konig have made some handy product videos, available to view on YouTube.


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