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WindowMasterOur market leading window screws are renowned throughout the industry for their excellent quality thanks to continued product development and our demand for uncompromising consistency. Through our continual product evaluation in our quality assurance test facility, we are confident that the window screws that leave our premises will give 100% customer satisfaction.

With the widest range of materials and screw designs available in the UK today you can be sure that your requirements will be met. From standard carbon steel plated screws through to commercial specifications requiring austenitic bi-metal screws, we offer all varieties at competitive prices, delivered on time and defect free.WindowMaster

A specially designed thread form creates an instantly positive start on all our gimlet point screws and our self drilling ranges offer extremely rapid drilling performance in single chamber and multi chamber profile applications without breakage.Window Master

WindowMASTER® fabrication screws also feature a ‘stick fit’ recess to aid the fabricator in difficult assembly applications. Other benefits to our recess include extended driver bit life and a reduced chance of damage to screw recess and plating.

Your assurance of independently validated testing can also be confirmed as all our fabrication screws meet the industry recognised plating requirements of BS7412:2002. Rigorously tested BS7590 windows and PAS024 doors continue to be tested successfully using WindowMASTER® fabrication screws.

All WindowMASTER® fabrication screws also have a unique head marking for easy identification.

Easy Ordering

Ordering from UK Fasteners couldn’t be simpler, everything has been done to ensure the products are delivered on time and defect free. Our catalogue has been designed to help identify the fastener or item you need, with each part awarded its own code to make ordering straightforward.

Clear product information makes ordering the correct fastener for your application very simple

Product Labelling

Even the labelling on our packaging is colour coded and quantities have been configured for greater convenience and ease of use. With extensive stock holding, all orders can go straight to site without delay.

UKF WindowMaster Label A - Part Number
B - Material
C - Size
D - Description
E - Quantity
F - Traceability back to Raw Material
G - Screw Diagram


Download WindowMaster Brochure
Download a free copy of our WindowMASTER® Brochure (PDF)

  • Detailed information on every product in the WindowMASTER® range.
  • Material types and specification.
  • UK Fasteners standards and conformity
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