Conexis™ L1

Let UK Fasteners Open the Door to Your World with the Conexis® L1 Smart Lock!

Always at the forefront of supplying you with the highest quality Window and Door Hardware products, we at UK Fasteners are now proud to be an Official Distributor of the Yale Conexis™ L1 Smart Lock – the Smart Door Lock that puts you fully in control, giving you the freedom to secure your home without the need for a key!

Ready to get your hands on this door lock of the future?

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Features and Benefits

Simple to fit

Easy to Fit - DIY

The Conexis™ L1 Smart Door Lock has been engineered for easy installation. It only takes a screwdriver, smartphone and 20 minutes.

Yale Lock app

The Yale Lock App

Configure, control and unlock your Smart Door Lock from your smartphone via our secure Bluetooth app.

Tamper Alarm

Tamper Alarm

Deters potential intruders with a loud alarm.



Say Goodbye to Keys, with Conexis™ L1 your smartphone is now your key. There’s no need to leave keys under the mat or worry about the hassle of replacing them if they go missing.

Battery Operated

Battery Operated

Powered by 4 x AA batteries and a warning when they’re running low.

Battery Backup

Battery Backup

A 9v battery connection port can be used to power the Smart Door Lock in the event of flat batteries.

Secure Push & Thumbturn

Secure Push & Turn Thumbturn

Engineered to give additional convenience and security to your door.

2 Year Guarantee

2 Year Guarantee

With UK Consumer Support.

Download full specification

Click to view the full specification for the amazing Yale Conexis™ L1 Smart Lock

The Yale Conexis™ L1 Smart Lock is easy to install, simply follow this helpful step-by-step video

Once installed, it is also simple to pair your mobile phone with your Yale Conexis™ L1 Smart Lock. See how in this video